Project Identity

KYC and Privacy done right

Imagine you use a Webbrowser which secures your privacy. And now imagine that companies are willing to pay for your data like interests and purchases. If you like, you can sell these anonymously or for more money even bound to your verified identity. It is up to you. Decide on your own who gets your data and how much it is worth on our marketplace.

THE HIVE Webbrowser secures your privacy.
It allows to tag comments to EVERY Website in the internet to comment on government decisions just in place. All users of The Hive can join these conversations. Be loud. share your thoughts! But stay polite.
Unlike other similar approaches our community can BAN comments in order to keep discussion fair. At the end its democratic to the bones.

Also The Hive will allow your to sell / share your behaviour / interests on a website with the Website-Owner. He will pay you in AML tokens.

Partner pages will be marked as such in the Hive. Also the Hive will warn you about Websites and Companies which you should avoid due to human or other ethical reasons.

We are the people.. and we will change the World together.

Get the latest pre-view builds here: