Project Identity

KYC and Privacy done right

We offer a one stop solution to reduce costs for websites and App-services called AML-NOW. Users only need to do KYC once and connected partners can gain more users as each registration is KYC free later on.
Payment of service fee and therefore cost-sharing above and between all Partners is handled via the AML Token.

In the pre-pre-sale and sale time required a payment of 1000 TELOS. Users registering to this service get AML tokens based on the TELOS value at time of registering. This offering is only valid as long AML-Tokens are available.

When tokens as sold, registering required AML Tokens and the service partners decide if they pay for your log-in or if the user pays for the KYC process.

AML- Tokens can be managed with the BitcoinSubsidium wallet as they are based and secured by the very same Blockchain.

The AML Tokensale will be handled by Bitdorado Exchange. As payment accepted will be TELOS and XBTX. If you intend to invest via FIAT, you will need to deposit EURO and buy then one of these coins.

During Pre-Sale there will be a limited "staking" offering powered by Bitdorado which works that way that the equivalent of AML Tokens in TELOS will be stored in a staking pool which results will be converted back into AML Tokens once a month. This staking offering will be available on request starting at 1M TELOS.